I Always Choose To Learn From The Best And I Found The Right Place At The Right Time.The best part in College Innovators Is Building Our Lifestyle And I Feel That Its Helping Me In Achieving My Dream.

Deekshith K R

CIU Alumni 

To Be In Workplace Like College Innovators Center And Having A Mentor Like Keerthan Sir Is the Greatest Opportunity That I Have Got

Raghavendra Udupa

CIU Alumni 

        College Innovators made me feel engineering like a cake walk.According to me its a place with perfect system, perfect environment,highly energetic support team and amazing mentorship

Jason Mark Sequeria

CIU Alumni 

Lisha Carol D'souza

First Year Engineering Student

My biggest secret to success, "Learning it from the one who has already done it", Im very glad that I made a decision in my 1st Year of Engineering to be a part of the wonderful College Innovators Community. I am really grateful to my mentor, Universe and the College Innovators community for bringing such a wonderful transformation in me. 

Chethan Nayak

CIU Alumni

College Innovators made me realize the importance of having dream and working towards it. Not losing the hope on a bad day, not getting too excited on a good day but working everyday to turn your dream into reality.

Sameeksha Shetty

3nd Year Engineering Student

College innovators is definitely the best place for both personal and professional growth. It's a place where I got the hope that I can achieve my dreams and become valuable in the society. I am very proud to be a part of college innovators and the wonderful community.

Dushyanth L Sagar

CIU Alumni

College Innovators has been more than a 2nd home for me. This place has done magical things in my life. Within a span of 7 months I have been able to build skills in various domains, interact and network with industry experts and Business owners, attended World Class Seminars and generated income too. I am grateful to my mentor Keerthan Prabhu for his continuous guidance and support in helping me in my personal Growth. I feel great to be a part of College Innovators.

Rohini K

CIU Alumni

College Innovators Center, is a place where I got the exact clarity in my Career. I got education, not only about building skills, profile and systems but also on Life which I was missing on till then.I am very glad that I am part of CIC and I am able to build skills, profile and multiple Systems by getting mentorship from my coach. Thank you Keerthan sir for this amazing ecosystem and community to help me and many other people growI have committed to give many people such results as what I have received from CIC.

Nikhil Mirashi

CIU Alumni

College Innovators is a place where all energy comes in together to achieve anything that you dream off, the best thing about CIU and SBA is If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I was worried about building my skills in various domains and I was searching and struggling to get this kind of education system where everything is there at just one place, CIU. This was my greatest opportunity that I was able to get everything at college Innovators. Thank you Keerthan sir for making this wonderful kind of education system to help students like me and others to build their skills and their career as well.

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